Match report, Latorp vs Pars FC 4-2(3-2)

The game against Latorp started with two good chances for Latorp that they missed. But after a few minutes SJ scored with a beautiful long range shot from 35 meters, until now the most beautiful goal this season. Just two minutes later Taric won the ball in the penalty area and SJ took over and gave it to Diego who with great skill could ship in the ball to make the lead to 2-0. Unfortunately we couldn't find our game after those goals and after plenty of mistakes Latorp could score three goals before the first 45 was over. 

Second half we started a little bit better and could create a few chances to score but it was Latorp who still got the best chances and could score their fourth goal. After that Ashten had a great chance after a good pass from Ghaith but he didn't find the target this time. The game ended 2-4 after a bad game from our side. A reality check for Pars FC in this game, we have a lot of things to work on. Now it's time to get order in the team and finish the last games better before the summer break. 

Match report, Pars FC vs Vretstorp 0-3(0-1)

The game started good for Pars, controlling the game and finding good passes for David who managed to get by his defender almost everytime but in the box we weren't dangerous. Vretstorps first shot on target was a weak shot that somehow got pass our keeper and Vretstorp could take the lead. The rest of the first half we kept on pushing mostly from the left side with David but we still couldn't score. 

The second half started good for Pars again with many attacks. During all the attacks Harri lost the ball in the defense and Vretstorp could easily score their second goal. And then the hell just continued, we got a penalty against us and then 5 minutes after that David got sent off after a misunderstanding. We continued to create after that but couldn't score and the game ended with 0-3 on our homefield. 

A strange game, after the good performance against Nora we got this set back, only one to blame are ourselves. Vretstorp played smart and with experience. Our team has a lot to work on to get more balanced performance and not so much ups and downs.  

Taylor Bowlin from USL Pro joins Pars FC

Taylor comes from Dayton Dutch Lions FC from USL Pro in USA. He is a wing back with great attacking skills. He came when the league has already started and has only played two games for the team until now. What we have seen until now is that Taylor is a very good player who wants to participate in attack and that's something the team benefits from. 

A short interview with Taylor:
I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. I moved when I was 14 years old to Salt Lake City, Utah and became captain of the Real Salt Lake (MLS) U-17 inaugural academy team. Eventually led them to win the U-17 MLS Cup National Championship (club's first trophy) and a bid to the Club World Cup in Madrid, Spain. I played/studied my freshman year of college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and later transferred to Cal State Northridge. Currently I spend my off-seasons living in Redondo Beach, California where I run Forum Training, a private soccer training business that I established in 2014.

Australian soccer player joins Pars FC!

Sam came to Pars a few weeks ago, he is a midfielder and exactly what the team needed. He have played 3 games in the first team and 1 game in the reserve team until now and have been performing very well. We are hoping that Sam will keep up the good work and improve even more. 

A short interview with Sam:
Born in Geelong, Australia to an English dad and Australian mum, Nick and Kay. I followed my older brother, Jake, in to football at the age of three, I fell in love with the game and have been chasing the ball around the globe ever since.  By the age of 15 I graduated into the senior set up of my local club that plays in the South Australian Premier League and was selected for various select teams including, u18 South Australia State team that travelled to Japan, the South Australian Schoolboys and the Australian Schoolboys. After school I was scouted to go to America on scholarship to play and get my degree in Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in Coaching. After a successful year in Hawaii which ended with the PACwest conference title, I transferred to Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. Where I went on to captain a squad that won the Cascade Collegiate Conference 2 out of 3 years and was regularly ranked in the national standings. Along the way I picked up many individual honours including 2 Conference Honourable Mentions, a 1stteam All-Conference and the 2014-15 Most Valuable Player.

Match report, Nora/Pershyttan vs Pars FC 1-1(0-1)

With great preparation we came to this game against Nora/Pershyttan who hade won every single game in the league this season, but they hadn't played Pars yet. It was time for us to break Noras winnings streak and we started the game with great confidence, not caring about the big names in the opponent team and just wanting to win the game and play well. Early in the game they tried with some attacks from the left wing but we shut them down. We started to control the game and creating chances. 26 minutes into the game we scored the first goal of the game when David found Nico in the penalty area and Nico could score his second goal in the league. Nora wanted to set more pressure on us but couldn't, we handled the rest of the first half great. David had a great shot from outside the box that the keeper saved and also a great chance on a corner but the header went wide. Noras coach said after the game that they were happy that they only received one goal in the first half. 

In second half we started with great attacks, Diego just doing his magic and couldn't be stopped. We got a few great chances but unfortunately we didn't score. 10 minutes into the second half Nora could score on a corner, a goal that came like a surprise for everyone because it was Pars who hade many chances and controlled the game. After the goal we kept on pushing for the winning goal. Our defense taking everything down, our midfielders with Diego in the top bringing the opponents defense to their knees and also our attackers with good runs but unfortunately we couldn't get the ball in. Mentionable is also that Oki saved us from receiving a goal when he cleared the ball on the line once. 

Overall it was good with one point today in an away game and also against a team that only had wins. We played against some big names in this game and still our guys played far better than the opponents. But we really need to improve our finishes and start winning games also against the top teams. 

And the mustaches goes to:
Diego Lopez Silva - What a incredible technique this kid has, during the 90 minutes everytime he got the ball it got dangerous, getting by his opponents whenever he wanted and creating chances. Hopefully we will see some good goals also from him this season. 

Sam Carmichael - He was running a lot in the midfield covering up and winning second balls. Great passing skills and strong in the physical duels. Gives the team time to recover when he calms down the game with the switches and letting the opponents run side to side. 

Samuel Oki - He had a good game, winning a lot in the air as usual and directing the defense together with Jonny in the defensive line. And he also saved us from receiving a goal when he cleared the ball on the line.  

Samuel Oki the new tower in Pars FCs defense!


Oki joined the team in the 4th league game this season and it started with a great performance and also one goal! Oki is great in the air duels and very strong in the physical situations, but he is also a player with good technique and ball control, he calms down the game whenever it’s needed and also is able to make short and good passes to increase the pace of the game.



A short interview with Oki:

I am a 23 year old central defender from London England. Started off playing some local sides then joined Clapton Fc at 16. Played for them for the youth side for a year. We won the london cup and won 3 games in the fa youth cup. Then I played for the 1st team for 2 years and played in the fa cup both years. After that I decided to play football and study in Ohio, USA. There I attended Tiffin university and captained the team and we managed to win the league twice and league championship. I graduated with a bachelors of business administration, and I focused on sports management.


Match report, Adolfsberg vs Pars FC 0-0

This week the game was played on a Wednesday instead of Friday. After that the federation changed the game to the opponents home field we lost the advantage of playing at home. The game started with a amateur tactical shock from Adolfsberg where they had 3 players running on the wing and they tried a long ball that Barre easily could get away. We took over kind of immediately after that but we couldn't  establish a good attacking play. We realized more and more that Adolfsberg won't be dangerous beside their counterattacks but still we lacked confidence to go to more attacks. Adolfsberg had one good shot in the first half that Ian made a great save on and a situation that could have been a penalty. On the other hand we had also a situation that was a clear penalty but not given, so that was equal in that area. We had some good movement in first half from our half to the opponents box but we were unable to make the last pass good. 

In the second half Adolfsberg just dropped down and wanted to defend the draw and sometimes they tried their fast counterattacks. We on the other hand improved our game a lot. With Sam Carmichael controlling the central midfield with good passes and a calm way of handling the ball we could keep the control the entire half. 15 minutes from time David got a great chance when he got by his defender and also the keeper but somehow missed the target unfortunately. 3 minutes from time Taylor had a good chance from distance but the shot went just wide. On extra time on a corner Rayner was unmarked with a great header opportunity but couldn't find the target either. Unfortunately the result wasn't good for us but the game got much better in second half and now we need to keep building our team and win against the leaders in next game. 

Overall the defense looked good once again and we have only received 2 goals in 5 games. But we need to work on our attack more. 

And the mustaches goes to:
Sam Carmichael - anyone at the game could see how great Sam played today. Beside the great passes and being calm with the ball, he won almost every air duel and was defending many times for the other central midfielders in our team. 
Samuel Oki - Played with great confidence and tried to get the guys to higher themselves. He was great in the air duels and has a great way to calm down the team when we are under pressure. 
Sebastian Jyttner - SJ started the game kind of confused because he is not used to play in this system but after 20 minutes in the game he found his position good. He showed really good skills with the ball moving easily pass his opponents. But the best thing was when our former captain that plays in Adolfsberg now tried to take down SJ with a shoulder tackle but bounced back. 

Match report, HOIF vs Pars FC 0-4(0-2)

To keep up in the top we needed to win the game against HOIF, no other result would have been acceptable. On bad natural grass field with a hard wind this Friday evening we had a hard task. In the first 10 minutes we saw an even game between two teams who tried to know each other. After that we took over the game and after a few chances Samuel Oki could score on a corner kick after David found him with a header pass. We kept on creating chances and had a few one against one chances but missed unfortunately, HOIF had also a great chance to equalize the game after a long distance shot that was saved by Ian with a splendid reaction. In the 32nd minute we scored the second goal thanks to Nicos speed when he was able to catch the ball in front of the defender and he came alone with the keeper, got pass him easy and could score his first goal for Pars FC. We kept on creating more chances after the second goal but wasn't able to score more goals in first half. 

In second half we made changes to strengthen the central midfield and it worked perfectly. Now we could have control all over the field and HOIF wasn't able to create any good chances. We on the other hand could use counter attacks to score two more goals, both scored by the leagues top scorer David. The first was a rebound on SJs shot from distance and the second after being served by Nico with a great shot near the post. Overall a great game for our two central defenders Samuel Oki and the general Jonny Da Silva, also Sebbe worked a lot on the right wing where they had their best player. 

And the mustaches goes to:
Samuel Oki - Showed great intelligence and played with good self-esteem. Great abilities in the air both in the defense and in the offense. He showed also good abilities winning the ball in one against one situations.  

Jonny Da Silva - one of the best players in the past games. He continuous to play well and today was another day for the general to organize the defense well. He is giving everything in every situation and sets fear in the opponent players. 

Sebastian Nyberg - He had a big task today because he had the opponents best player on his wing and he did a great job helping our right defender to prevent attacks from that side. He also was able to participate in some good attacks and messed up the opponents defense. 

Mexican national futsal player joins Pars FC!

Diego Lopez came to Örebro last week on Monday. He is a great futsal player but also a really good soccer player. With his great technique and vision he will be an important player for Pars FC this year. He have already played 2 games for us, one as a substitute and one as start player and showed great skills. 

A short intervju with Diego:
Hi my name is Diego Lopez I'm from Santa Rosa California. I had the opportunity to play for the Mexican national futsal team in some friendly matches in Costa Rica this past winter. I'm really excited to be on Pars FC and for this upcoming season!!!

Nico Samaniego from Heidelburg University joins Pars FC

Nico joined Pars FC 23rd of April and has until now played 2 games as a substitute and 1 game from start against IFK Örebro. He played on the wings and as striker and has until now showed good speed and ball control. We still wait for him to show his scoring abilities. 

Ian McDonald Wilkins an American goalkeeper joining Pars FC

Ian came to Örebro 22nd of April and has been practicing with Pars, he played his first game with the team yesterday against one of the favorites in the league and managed to save the team from defeat in the end of the game. He is a great goalkeeper with good skills and technique.
A short interview with Ian:

My name is Ian McDonald Wilkins and I'm from Ann Arbor, Michigan U.S.A.  I went to Schoolcraft College where I got the All-American award after my team went to the national semi finals and took third place in the nation. After that I went to the University of Detroit Mercy to play for two years. Last summer I played for Lansing United in the NPSL where my team went to the national semi finals.


Match report, Pars FC vs IFK Örebro 1-1(0-0)

Today's opponents was IFK Örebro, last game against them ended with the biggest defeat in Pars history where we lost 0-8. Today when the game started and we received a goal after just 2 minutes it didn't make the odds better. A sloppy defensive work from our side gave them an opportunity to score an easy goal early in the game. But we took over immediately and they let us. We played a great football with fast passes and movement and opened up their defense. First David score a goal that was called of after a doubtful decision but just few minutes later Sebastian found David who could score the equalizer. The referee didn't want to give the goal although the lineman clearly saw the ball pass the line. But after a few minutes discussion we got the goal fairly. IFK side put pressure on the referee and unfortunately the referee made many decisions in IFKs favor after that goal. We played very well in first half and controlled the game. Diego in the middle showed some good skills with the ball and our defensive line did their job perfectly after the goal. 

In second half we started good but it didn't take long before we dropped more and more, maybe because of some tired legs. IFK took over and could create some chances. Our defensive line played well but the rest of the team didn't perform so well in the defensive play. After 20 minutes in second half a player in IFK took the ball with his hand in the box but the referee didn't call it, just few minutes after that David was dragged down in the box but no call there either. Diego had a good opportunity to score from outside the box but it got wide. After that it was only IFK who tried to get the winner, a few good chances on set pieces that we managed to block and 10 minutes from time a great shot that Ian made a amazing save on to prevent us from a defeat. 

And the mustaches goes to:
Bahram Pazhman - superb stamina, being all over the right wing. Very good in the defensive play by wining both in the air and on the ground but also great in attack. He is giving options by coming up on the right wing. Good work between him and Sebastian. 

Diego Silva - Great ball control and calm with the ball, he could easily find good options and did no mistakes with his passes. Still there is work to do to get him more involved but when he gets the ball we can see that he has good skills. 

Jonny Da Silva - He controls the defense well and managed to organize it well. Sometimes he got the wing backs to close but beside that is was a good game for Jonny. Splendid work in the air also, wining most of the air duels. 

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