Match report, Nora/Pershyttan vs Pars FC 1-1(0-1)

With great preparation we came to this game against Nora/Pershyttan who hade won every single game in the league this season, but they hadn't played Pars yet. It was time for us to break Noras winnings streak and we started the game with great confidence, not caring about the big names in the opponent team and just wanting to win the game and play well. Early in the game they tried with some attacks from the left wing but we shut them down. We started to control the game and creating chances. 26 minutes into the game we scored the first goal of the game when David found Nico in the penalty area and Nico could score his second goal in the league. Nora wanted to set more pressure on us but couldn't, we handled the rest of the first half great. David had a great shot from outside the box that the keeper saved and also a great chance on a corner but the header went wide. Noras coach said after the game that they were happy that they only received one goal in the first half. 

In second half we started with great attacks, Diego just doing his magic and couldn't be stopped. We got a few great chances but unfortunately we didn't score. 10 minutes into the second half Nora could score on a corner, a goal that came like a surprise for everyone because it was Pars who hade many chances and controlled the game. After the goal we kept on pushing for the winning goal. Our defense taking everything down, our midfielders with Diego in the top bringing the opponents defense to their knees and also our attackers with good runs but unfortunately we couldn't get the ball in. Mentionable is also that Oki saved us from receiving a goal when he cleared the ball on the line once. 

Overall it was good with one point today in an away game and also against a team that only had wins. We played against some big names in this game and still our guys played far better than the opponents. But we really need to improve our finishes and start winning games also against the top teams. 

And the mustaches goes to:
Diego Lopez Silva - What a incredible technique this kid has, during the 90 minutes everytime he got the ball it got dangerous, getting by his opponents whenever he wanted and creating chances. Hopefully we will see some good goals also from him this season. 

Sam Carmichael - He was running a lot in the midfield covering up and winning second balls. Great passing skills and strong in the physical duels. Gives the team time to recover when he calms down the game with the switches and letting the opponents run side to side. 

Samuel Oki - He had a good game, winning a lot in the air as usual and directing the defense together with Jonny in the defensive line. And he also saved us from receiving a goal when he cleared the ball on the line.  


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