Match report, Pars FC vs Vretstorp 0-3(0-1)

The game started good for Pars, controlling the game and finding good passes for David who managed to get by his defender almost everytime but in the box we weren't dangerous. Vretstorps first shot on target was a weak shot that somehow got pass our keeper and Vretstorp could take the lead. The rest of the first half we kept on pushing mostly from the left side with David but we still couldn't score. 

The second half started good for Pars again with many attacks. During all the attacks Harri lost the ball in the defense and Vretstorp could easily score their second goal. And then the hell just continued, we got a penalty against us and then 5 minutes after that David got sent off after a misunderstanding. We continued to create after that but couldn't score and the game ended with 0-3 on our homefield. 

A strange game, after the good performance against Nora we got this set back, only one to blame are ourselves. Vretstorp played smart and with experience. Our team has a lot to work on to get more balanced performance and not so much ups and downs.  


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