Samuel Oki the new tower in Pars FCs defense!


Oki joined the team in the 4th league game this season and it started with a great performance and also one goal! Oki is great in the air duels and very strong in the physical situations, but he is also a player with good technique and ball control, he calms down the game whenever it’s needed and also is able to make short and good passes to increase the pace of the game.



A short interview with Oki:

I am a 23 year old central defender from London England. Started off playing some local sides then joined Clapton Fc at 16. Played for them for the youth side for a year. We won the london cup and won 3 games in the fa youth cup. Then I played for the 1st team for 2 years and played in the fa cup both years. After that I decided to play football and study in Ohio, USA. There I attended Tiffin university and captained the team and we managed to win the league twice and league championship. I graduated with a bachelors of business administration, and I focused on sports management.



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