Match report, Adolfsberg vs Pars FC 0-0

This week the game was played on a Wednesday instead of Friday. After that the federation changed the game to the opponents home field we lost the advantage of playing at home. The game started with a amateur tactical shock from Adolfsberg where they had 3 players running on the wing and they tried a long ball that Barre easily could get away. We took over kind of immediately after that but we couldn't  establish a good attacking play. We realized more and more that Adolfsberg won't be dangerous beside their counterattacks but still we lacked confidence to go to more attacks. Adolfsberg had one good shot in the first half that Ian made a great save on and a situation that could have been a penalty. On the other hand we had also a situation that was a clear penalty but not given, so that was equal in that area. We had some good movement in first half from our half to the opponents box but we were unable to make the last pass good. 

In the second half Adolfsberg just dropped down and wanted to defend the draw and sometimes they tried their fast counterattacks. We on the other hand improved our game a lot. With Sam Carmichael controlling the central midfield with good passes and a calm way of handling the ball we could keep the control the entire half. 15 minutes from time David got a great chance when he got by his defender and also the keeper but somehow missed the target unfortunately. 3 minutes from time Taylor had a good chance from distance but the shot went just wide. On extra time on a corner Rayner was unmarked with a great header opportunity but couldn't find the target either. Unfortunately the result wasn't good for us but the game got much better in second half and now we need to keep building our team and win against the leaders in next game. 

Overall the defense looked good once again and we have only received 2 goals in 5 games. But we need to work on our attack more. 

And the mustaches goes to:
Sam Carmichael - anyone at the game could see how great Sam played today. Beside the great passes and being calm with the ball, he won almost every air duel and was defending many times for the other central midfielders in our team. 
Samuel Oki - Played with great confidence and tried to get the guys to higher themselves. He was great in the air duels and has a great way to calm down the team when we are under pressure. 
Sebastian Jyttner - SJ started the game kind of confused because he is not used to play in this system but after 20 minutes in the game he found his position good. He showed really good skills with the ball moving easily pass his opponents. But the best thing was when our former captain that plays in Adolfsberg now tried to take down SJ with a shoulder tackle but bounced back. 


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