Ännu fler spelare har joinat Pars!

Reza Naseri
Mittfältare från Sköllersta IF 

Salah Suleimanpoor 
Ytter från Nora/Pershyttan 

Ajnur Agusi
Ytter från FK Örebro

Meriton Rexhepi
Innermittfältare från FK Örebro

Andreas Bolldén 
Mittback från Munksunds-Skuthamns SK

Filip Reineby
Målvakt från Latorps IF 

Match report, Öfvre vs Pars FC 0-4(0-2)

Second game in the league and we were so hungry for this game, the pain after last games defeat haunted us since the game and now it was time to show how good we are! Today's opponents had won their first game and had home field today. But we were completely aware of the standard of their field and also their attack strategies. 

We started the game with a great energy and could easily create 3 good chances to prove that it would be a hard game for Öfvre today. They started to build attacks but we cut of everything and the frustration rised for them. After a few more attacks SJ got the ball in the middle and could find David with delicate pass over the defender and David made no mistakes and could score with his right foot. Couple of minutes later Rayner got the ball in the penalty area but was fouled on so David could score his 2nd goal from the spot. Overall in first half we controlled the game and forced Öfvre to play as we wished. Unfortunately we missed a lot of good opportunities and still made to many long passes. Öfvre had some chances on set pieces but today Kjellander was a wall, nothing would get pass him. 

Second half started with us taking control once again and Öfvre almost going on their reserve energy. We did no mistakes and continued to pressure them and we could win the ball high up in the field and create chances. Öfvres patience was over now and they just started to kick down our players, we used that by putting in fast and technical players and forced them to make more fouls, the yellow cards were given out like candy on a birthday party and the chances kept coming. After 15 minutes in second half Rayner received the ball on the left side up front and could manage to find a unmarked David. We kept pushing and Öfvre players gave more and more fouls until one of their players got sent off and they totally gave up, we didn't focus on that and kept playing our game and we could once again score when Barre had a good run up and could score a goal after getting a great ball from Diego. 

The defense today played great, with Jonny as the Sergeant of the defensive line and Kjellendar behind the defenders like a rock it was a hard game for the opponents, they couldn't even get close before we cut their attacks.   

And the mustaches goes to:
Jonny da silva - keeping it clean and doing as he was told, he won so many headers that they moved their target to the defensive line. Being 100% in every situations and supporting all other defenders showing a great performance. 

Sebastian Jyttner - our big bull on the middle, with his sensitive left foot and a upperbody of a bodybuilder, he could just annoy every player that played against him. Very good control of the ball and strong in every situation. Only way to get the ball from him today was to take a yellow card. 
David Gustafsson - David is one of the leagues best forwards in creating chances by good positioning. He created many good chances from the begging to the end of the game. With three goals today he made his way to a mustache. 

Match report, Pars FC vs IK Sturehov 0-1(0-1)

Friday night the league started for us and the first game was against one of the favorites for winning the league. Before the game we talked a lot about how to play and everything we had worked for this pre-season. After 4 months of preparing it was time to show what we got. That didn't happen in this game, instead we showed a disappointing performance, we didn't do what we supposed to do and it looked like everyone had forgot the tactics. After just 2 minutes after a bad clearance from our defender the ball hit the opponents central midfield and went to another player in their team who could easily find their left wing after another of our defenders misjudged the situation. The player got a one against one situation with our keeper and could easily score. The disaster didn't stop there, we couldn't even clear the ball properly in the first 30 minutes, nothing really worked, not the passes not the receives, not the runs. IK Sturehov on the other hand played smart, easy passes and 1-2 touches every time, increased the pace of the game whenever they wanted. In the last 15 minutes we took over more and more but instead of building an attack that we had worked on and follow instructions we only tried to put the ball in the box.

Second half started with us taking over completely and starting to create chances, good chances that we missed. Soon we fell in to Sturehovs trap where they wanted us to just put in long passes in the box where their players are strong in the air. Our central midfield today couldn't manage anything good after spending most of the time looking at the ball going from our defenders to the opponents defender and back.

A great artificial field, good whether and good preparation, but the result ended badly. No excuses, just coming back from this and doing better. A well deserved defeat after the tactically horrible game we saw. The disappointment is not about the result, it's about our player not following the instructions in such a important game. No mustaches will be given for this game.

Super trio joins Pars FC Örebro

Rayner “Hayne” Da Silva


Hayne is a Brazilian football player that has played with the famous Swedish national player Fredrik Ljungberg. Hayne has very good finishing skills and is often calm in the box, he can play in many positions but his real position is forward. His last team was a semiprofessional team in England named Hungerford Town. He will also be the assistant coach this year for Pars FC.


Jonathan ”Jonny” Da Silva


Jonny is originally from Portugal but grown up in England and last year he played in division 3 in Poland. He has good technique and great split vision and can make great passes, and he is also a player that gives everything in every situation and a player that is hard to get the ball from. We hope that he can be a key player for Pars FC this year.


Christopher “Chrissy” Da Silva


Chrissy is Jonnys little brother, only 20 years old and he followed his brother to Poland and now Sweden to hopefully make a career in football. Chrissy is a wing player that shows good finishing skills but he has also good ball control and that can be useful for the team. He is a team player that works hard and works well in the tactical play that Pars have.

Stats 3,5 km

Here is the top 10 result of today's test. 3,5 km.

Training camp in Vimmerby

At 14.20 CET Friday the coaches car left from Örebro to the little village Vimmerby for the training camp. One hour later the rest of the team started their trip. The first car arrived at 17.00 and prepared for the game. The opponent for the day was a youth them from Vimmerbys second division team. We started the game great after David taking the ball from a defender and easily scored the first goal. But after that we underestimated our opponents and stop playing well. We made many bad chosen and was unable to play our own game. In the last 15 minutes of the first half we managed to change our attitude and improve. SJ got the ball in the middle and managed to get by three players before he found an unmarked David in the penalty area who could easily score once again. Just a few minutes later David completed his hattrick by a long range shot that found the top of the net. Second half started much better and we got complete control of the game. We still created chances and didn't give away the ball. Gustav received the ball at the left wing and could find David with a smart pass behind the defenders so David could score his 4th goal. With a four goal lead and no need to risk anything we played easy and safely the rest of the game, giving no space to the opponents to achieve anything. 
Saturday started with breakfast at 10.00 and practice at 12.00 where we focused on corner kicks and attack. Also time for our goalkeeper to work with situations that we normally don't practice so much. Lunch was served at 14.00 and all the guys got time afterwards to see the city and for resting. At 17.30 the second practice of the day started and this time we worked on free kicks and then divided the group where the forwards worked on finishing and defenders and midfielders worked on passings. We finished the practice with penalty shoot out. After the practice it was time for dinner and team meeting where we set our goals for the season and shared our thought. After the meeting it was time for some team bonding and a little bit party with caution. 
Sunday morning most of the players where tired and the coach with a swollen knee and the assistant coach with a swollen shoulder. One car with 4 injured players went home and the rest had the last practice after the breakfast. We started easy with some football tennis. And after that worked on our defenders tactical ways to build an attack. We then played a few minutes and finished the practice with another penalty shoot out. After the practices it was time to go back to Örebro. A great weekend with the team, all the guys were satisfied and it was great chance for us not only to practice more but also to build up even stronger team spirit.  

Match report, SMÅ IF vs Pars FC 1-7 (0-2)

Today it was time to test many new players and also players who didn't get enough playing time yesterday. With hard wind and not good enough field it was hard for both teams to keep the ball in control but our team had better technic and could after just a few minutes adapt to the field. First goal came after a great shot from one of the new Brazilian players Alan that we tested, he scored from about 20 meters with a great strike. Shortly after that we doubled the lead with another Brazilian new player Filipe who received a good pass from Barre and could easily score. The score stand the whole half and we have a good lead with no threats against our own goal. Only one chance that our goalkeeper easily could manage. 
Second half we started with 3 new players and one of them, Sulle could score after just a few minutes after receiving a long ball from Jonas. A few minutes later another half time sub Daniel could score with a good shot. Brazilian Alan could complete his brace with another great shot and we were ahead with five goals now. The captain today, Veysi could celebrate his good game by scoring the 6th goal before the opponents could use a misunderstanding between our goalkeeper and defender to reduce the gap to five goals once again. But the same defender, Andreas who was involved in the receiving goal could get back and score on a corner kick to set the final score to 7-1. 
And the mustaches goes to:
Veysi Ari - He was the captain today and showed why he have that responsibility. He managed very well in the central midfield to win the duels and was calm with the ball. Impressed a lot today and also managed to score in one of the best games he played for Pars FC. 
Jonas Berglin - once again a good performance as central defender. He could win many duels with his good physic and also very good with the ball when he passes and keeps it. No mistakes in the defense and worked hard. He just needs to speak more with his teammates. 
Nihat Taheri - Did well today. Didn't loose the ball and could find some good and simple passes. Won a lot of tackles today against the opponents big size players. He needs to improve his speed and decision making to get even better. 

Match report, FC Assyriska vs Pars FC 0-4 (0-3)

Important game today against one of the teams in our league. We were able to play with a strong team today and with good confidence. We start the game well, the defense had a good performance against Assyriskas technical players and we managed to deny them chances to score. Meanwhile on the other end we created more and more chances.  After 20 minutes Jonny could with a great long pass find his little brother Chrisy who managed in a weird way score the first goal of the game. After that goal we got more confidence and could control the game even more. Second goal came after Chrisy unselfishly passed the ball to Tarek when both players were free with the keeper. Tarek could shortly after that score another goal after a good pass from Sebbe. In the last 15 minutes of the first half it seemed that Assyriska were tired and we also lost or motivation. 
Second half started better from both sides and Assyriska really wanted to get back a goal but was denied from our solid defense, but instead it was Pars who scored another goal also this time by Tarek after a good run and pass from Barre to make the gap even more. Overall the second half was a tactically not good enough were neither team had the stamina or the will to keep up the speed and we mostly saw counter attacks with bad finish from both sides. 
This was the second game in row that we managed to win and hold clean sheet. The form is pointing in right direction and we are getting ready for the league. Hopefully injuries won't hold us back when the league starts. Tomorrow we will also play a game for players who didn't get enough playing time today and also new players. 
And the mustaches goes to:
Jonny da silva - It was a good game for Jonny today, he played strong and determined and could win almost all the situations against his opponents. Many good tackles from him denied the other teams attackers to make a shot at our goal. Jonny is improving and focusing more on his game. When he find a perfect way to communicate with his teammates we will see him getting mustaches a lot of times this season 

Tarek Benca - The young strikes Tarek played his first game for us this pre-season after missing a lot of games because of work and Facebook issues. He showed today that he is a striker with a great finishing touch and could easily score 3 goals today to complete his hattrick. In the defensive play Tarek will need to work more, and when he improves his stamina he will be able to do that. 
Bahram Pazhman - He came in at half time but could under only one half show his skills. He managed the defensive play well and could also be involved in the offense with his good running abilities and confidence with the ball. 

Match report, Pars FC vs ÖSK Söder 1-0 (0-0)

Today was a good opportunity to try some new players combined with old players. Unfortunately we had two players who dropped out yesterday but we managed to have 15 players for the game anyway. In the beginning ÖSK was controlling the game and we weren't able to give the right support when we set pressure and the communication wasn't good enough. After a while we could control the game and started to create a few chances but we wasn't able to score. ÖSK had only one opportunity and couldn't either score on that. The first half summery was kind of weak game from both sides with many tired legs and bad positioning. 
The second half we could control the game from the beginning and also create more chance. After just 10 minutes in first half we managed to get a penalty kick in our favor but unfortunately for us the keeper saved it. We kept on creating more chances with better movement and fresh players. 20 minutes in to second half Nihat found Ghaith in the left side of the penalty area and Ghaith could find an unmarked Reza with a splendid pass and Reza didn't make any mistake so we could take the lead. After that we drag down the speed a little bit and ÖSK tried with longer passes to our box that we easily could remove. We had some counter attacks that's was wrongly called off for offside but in the end we locked the game and didn't let the opponents get any serious chances. The few times ÖSK tried to get the ball inside of the box we had Jonny and Andreas who could easily win the ball. 
And the mustaches goes to:
Rayner Michaels - first half as central defender he could control the defensive play very well and was calm with the ball. Some errors in organizing the midfielders but overall good. In second half as central midfielder he gave new life to the offense and was able to create many good chance by being calm with the ball and not loosing it. Despite the penalty miss he was the best player today. 
Bisho Melek - he had a good game today but didn't have good relation with the referee and was called off many times in situations that he won the ball fairly. But he managed to control his emotion and continued  playing physically all game and played his best game until now. 
Sebastian Nyberg - he played as central midfielder for the first time in the past years. Unusual position for him but with great stamina and willpower he managed to win a lot of dead balls and also earn the ball when the opponents attacked. I great player and captain to have in the team. 

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