Australian soccer player joins Pars FC!

Sam came to Pars a few weeks ago, he is a midfielder and exactly what the team needed. He have played 3 games in the first team and 1 game in the reserve team until now and have been performing very well. We are hoping that Sam will keep up the good work and improve even more. 

A short interview with Sam:
Born in Geelong, Australia to an English dad and Australian mum, Nick and Kay. I followed my older brother, Jake, in to football at the age of three, I fell in love with the game and have been chasing the ball around the globe ever since.  By the age of 15 I graduated into the senior set up of my local club that plays in the South Australian Premier League and was selected for various select teams including, u18 South Australia State team that travelled to Japan, the South Australian Schoolboys and the Australian Schoolboys. After school I was scouted to go to America on scholarship to play and get my degree in Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in Coaching. After a successful year in Hawaii which ended with the PACwest conference title, I transferred to Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. Where I went on to captain a squad that won the Cascade Collegiate Conference 2 out of 3 years and was regularly ranked in the national standings. Along the way I picked up many individual honours including 2 Conference Honourable Mentions, a 1stteam All-Conference and the 2014-15 Most Valuable Player.


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