Match report, Pars FC vs Adolfsbergs IK 0-0

The big rivals Adolfsberg came to Pettersberg to face Pars. This was a important game for both teams that are trying to get the play off placement. Both team started carefully and tried to identify the opponents weaknesses. After 15-20 minutes we took over and started to create chances from the left side. By playing the ball fast and move a lot we could easily get pass Adolfsberg players but unfortunately we weren't able to score on our chances. 
In second half we dominated the game totally and had great ball possession. Adolfsberg weren't able to build any attack and were forced to defend mostly in second half. Our central midfielders Kyle and SJ did a great job in the middle dominating the opponents central midfield and winning balls there so we could counter attack. 
Mustaches goes to:
Kyle Garcia
A great job from Kyle in the middle, he plays tough and wins a lot of duels without giving free kicks. But the best that Kyle did was his fast passings that wins our attack so much time. He received the ball and immediately finds a pass. Kyle had a good defensive combination with SJ were he gets to the first battle and SJ taking care of the second ball. 
Sebastian Jyttner
Another midfielder in this game that played well, he worked a lot in the defensive play and were able to win a lot of duels both in the air and on the ground. With his good technique he could challenge the opponents and keep the ball close to him so the only way to get the ball was by making a foul on him. 
Khris Hammock
He did a great job taking out Adolfsbergs striker Oskar Tell and get him out of balance. Khris played tough but fair against their attackers and made them go to a mental nagging stage. He was able to read the game and close down the attackers in an early stage before they got the chance to get in to the box. 

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