Match report, HOIF vs Pars FC 0-4(0-2)

To keep up in the top we needed to win the game against HOIF, no other result would have been acceptable. On bad natural grass field with a hard wind this Friday evening we had a hard task. In the first 10 minutes we saw an even game between two teams who tried to know each other. After that we took over the game and after a few chances Samuel Oki could score on a corner kick after David found him with a header pass. We kept on creating chances and had a few one against one chances but missed unfortunately, HOIF had also a great chance to equalize the game after a long distance shot that was saved by Ian with a splendid reaction. In the 32nd minute we scored the second goal thanks to Nicos speed when he was able to catch the ball in front of the defender and he came alone with the keeper, got pass him easy and could score his first goal for Pars FC. We kept on creating more chances after the second goal but wasn't able to score more goals in first half. 

In second half we made changes to strengthen the central midfield and it worked perfectly. Now we could have control all over the field and HOIF wasn't able to create any good chances. We on the other hand could use counter attacks to score two more goals, both scored by the leagues top scorer David. The first was a rebound on SJs shot from distance and the second after being served by Nico with a great shot near the post. Overall a great game for our two central defenders Samuel Oki and the general Jonny Da Silva, also Sebbe worked a lot on the right wing where they had their best player. 

And the mustaches goes to:
Samuel Oki - Showed great intelligence and played with good self-esteem. Great abilities in the air both in the defense and in the offense. He showed also good abilities winning the ball in one against one situations.  

Jonny Da Silva - one of the best players in the past games. He continuous to play well and today was another day for the general to organize the defense well. He is giving everything in every situation and sets fear in the opponent players. 

Sebastian Nyberg - He had a big task today because he had the opponents best player on his wing and he did a great job helping our right defender to prevent attacks from that side. He also was able to participate in some good attacks and messed up the opponents defense. 


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