Taylor Bowlin from USL Pro joins Pars FC

Taylor comes from Dayton Dutch Lions FC from USL Pro in USA. He is a wing back with great attacking skills. He came when the league has already started and has only played two games for the team until now. What we have seen until now is that Taylor is a very good player who wants to participate in attack and that's something the team benefits from. 

A short interview with Taylor:
I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. I moved when I was 14 years old to Salt Lake City, Utah and became captain of the Real Salt Lake (MLS) U-17 inaugural academy team. Eventually led them to win the U-17 MLS Cup National Championship (club's first trophy) and a bid to the Club World Cup in Madrid, Spain. I played/studied my freshman year of college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and later transferred to Cal State Northridge. Currently I spend my off-seasons living in Redondo Beach, California where I run Forum Training, a private soccer training business that I established in 2014.


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