Match report, Latorp vs Pars FC 4-2(3-2)

The game against Latorp started with two good chances for Latorp that they missed. But after a few minutes SJ scored with a beautiful long range shot from 35 meters, until now the most beautiful goal this season. Just two minutes later Taric won the ball in the penalty area and SJ took over and gave it to Diego who with great skill could ship in the ball to make the lead to 2-0. Unfortunately we couldn't find our game after those goals and after plenty of mistakes Latorp could score three goals before the first 45 was over. 

Second half we started a little bit better and could create a few chances to score but it was Latorp who still got the best chances and could score their fourth goal. After that Ashten had a great chance after a good pass from Ghaith but he didn't find the target this time. The game ended 2-4 after a bad game from our side. A reality check for Pars FC in this game, we have a lot of things to work on. Now it's time to get order in the team and finish the last games better before the summer break. 


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