Match report, Pars FC vs Öfvre Adolsfberg 6-3(2-1)

The game against Öfvre was the last chance to keep hopes alive for the play off spot. We needed the win badly and were forced to set pressure and take risks. It took us 35 minutes and one received goal to wake up and start playing our game. The rest of the game we played according to the game plan and followed attacking instructions well. Scoring 6 goals and all goals from our attacking players showed that our goal scoring doesn't happen by accidents. Unfortunately the defense still had some problems and we received two more goals, one of them was an own goal and the last one was 100% a miss from the referee but that also happens sometimes. Overall a good win and good attacking play even if we missed a lot of chances. 
Mustaches goes to:
Diego Lopez
Important role in the attack, great touch and dribbling on the left side. Worked well with Nico in the attack and managed to score the equalizer after a good play together with Nico, scored also his second goal in second half. 
Kyle Garcia 
Kyle is improving for every game, he played strong in the defense, winning air duels and physical duels. He plays the ball fast and takes less touches than other players. Players like Kyle helps the team to increase the pace during attack and being able to create chances before the opponents get the time to reorganize. 
Ghaith Al-Hasnawi
Subbed in in second half and did a great job on the left side together with Diego. Ghaith also hade some good runs and movement in the attack. He showed a lot of energy and where able to work both in attack and defense. 

Match report, Pars FC vs HOIF 1-1(1-0)

In this game we really needed to win if we wanted to stay in the top and because of that we were forced to attack a lot and think about the defense less. We took the lead after a good flick from Eihab to Nico who could give us the lead. Our defense were sloppy both on set pieces and during the play and a lot of energy was wasted trying to recover from mistakes. After many missed good chances we received a bad goal after Harri loosing the ball in the defense and we were forced to accept a draw against a really weak team in this game. 
Mustaches goes to: 
Ian McDonalds-Wilkins 
Ian played well in the goal saving headers and shots at set pieces when our defense weren't able to clear. He did his best to organize the defense that had big problems both without ball and with ball. 
Sebastian Nyberg 
Sebastian cleared two balls of the line in this game and saving us from receiving goals, he was forced to work a lot in the defense but tried also to be a part of the attack. 
Taylor Bowlin 
Good touch and fast decisions to increase the pace on his side. Played it easy and fast, something that has been missing in our play the last few weeks. 

Match report, IFK Örebro vs Pars FC 3-0(1-0)

Missing total of 7 start players the team was really weak. Unfortunately during the whole game we weren't able to establish anything worth having. Chances created only from random situation and still we weren't able to score, on the other side we were giving away chances one after one. Not only we couldn't play attack or defense as a team together, we also made so many individual errors until the players lost faith in each other completely. In the end of the game we could see that players didn't even want to give the ball to someone else. Only player with good performance was Ian McDonalds-Wilkins that made good saves and even then our defensive line was so slow to help him so we received goals even after good work from Ian. It was a well deserved loss and maybe a good wake up call for all players that missed trainings during the summer because they had other plans. We will keep going and try to make the best from this situation and hopefully achieve our goal to be top 5 but it's a hard task and everybody needs to give 100% if we want to succeed. 
Mustaches goes to
Ian McDonalds-Wilkins 
Good performance overall, tried to help the defense and made good saves and worked well in the air. 
David Gustafsson 
Only attacking player who could get chances but mostly because his own abilities and not from teamwork. 
Sebastian Jyttner    
Had a hard task in the middle and worked a lot to try to keep it simple and win the duels in the middle. 

Daniel Taylor leaves Pars FC Örebro to join second division side in Greece!

Daniel Taylor joined Pars during this season but played only 4 games before he signed his first professional football contract with Acharnaikos F.C. in Greece second division. We wish Daniel best of luck and are very happy that we had him in our team this season.

Link to the news in the new club!

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