Match report, Pars FC vs IK Sturehov 0-1(0-1)

Friday night the league started for us and the first game was against one of the favorites for winning the league. Before the game we talked a lot about how to play and everything we had worked for this pre-season. After 4 months of preparing it was time to show what we got. That didn't happen in this game, instead we showed a disappointing performance, we didn't do what we supposed to do and it looked like everyone had forgot the tactics. After just 2 minutes after a bad clearance from our defender the ball hit the opponents central midfield and went to another player in their team who could easily find their left wing after another of our defenders misjudged the situation. The player got a one against one situation with our keeper and could easily score. The disaster didn't stop there, we couldn't even clear the ball properly in the first 30 minutes, nothing really worked, not the passes not the receives, not the runs. IK Sturehov on the other hand played smart, easy passes and 1-2 touches every time, increased the pace of the game whenever they wanted. In the last 15 minutes we took over more and more but instead of building an attack that we had worked on and follow instructions we only tried to put the ball in the box.

Second half started with us taking over completely and starting to create chances, good chances that we missed. Soon we fell in to Sturehovs trap where they wanted us to just put in long passes in the box where their players are strong in the air. Our central midfield today couldn't manage anything good after spending most of the time looking at the ball going from our defenders to the opponents defender and back.

A great artificial field, good whether and good preparation, but the result ended badly. No excuses, just coming back from this and doing better. A well deserved defeat after the tactically horrible game we saw. The disappointment is not about the result, it's about our player not following the instructions in such a important game. No mustaches will be given for this game.


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