Training camp in Vimmerby

At 14.20 CET Friday the coaches car left from Örebro to the little village Vimmerby for the training camp. One hour later the rest of the team started their trip. The first car arrived at 17.00 and prepared for the game. The opponent for the day was a youth them from Vimmerbys second division team. We started the game great after David taking the ball from a defender and easily scored the first goal. But after that we underestimated our opponents and stop playing well. We made many bad chosen and was unable to play our own game. In the last 15 minutes of the first half we managed to change our attitude and improve. SJ got the ball in the middle and managed to get by three players before he found an unmarked David in the penalty area who could easily score once again. Just a few minutes later David completed his hattrick by a long range shot that found the top of the net. Second half started much better and we got complete control of the game. We still created chances and didn't give away the ball. Gustav received the ball at the left wing and could find David with a smart pass behind the defenders so David could score his 4th goal. With a four goal lead and no need to risk anything we played easy and safely the rest of the game, giving no space to the opponents to achieve anything. 
Saturday started with breakfast at 10.00 and practice at 12.00 where we focused on corner kicks and attack. Also time for our goalkeeper to work with situations that we normally don't practice so much. Lunch was served at 14.00 and all the guys got time afterwards to see the city and for resting. At 17.30 the second practice of the day started and this time we worked on free kicks and then divided the group where the forwards worked on finishing and defenders and midfielders worked on passings. We finished the practice with penalty shoot out. After the practice it was time for dinner and team meeting where we set our goals for the season and shared our thought. After the meeting it was time for some team bonding and a little bit party with caution. 
Sunday morning most of the players where tired and the coach with a swollen knee and the assistant coach with a swollen shoulder. One car with 4 injured players went home and the rest had the last practice after the breakfast. We started easy with some football tennis. And after that worked on our defenders tactical ways to build an attack. We then played a few minutes and finished the practice with another penalty shoot out. After the practices it was time to go back to Örebro. A great weekend with the team, all the guys were satisfied and it was great chance for us not only to practice more but also to build up even stronger team spirit.  


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