Super trio joins Pars FC Örebro

Rayner “Hayne” Da Silva


Hayne is a Brazilian football player that has played with the famous Swedish national player Fredrik Ljungberg. Hayne has very good finishing skills and is often calm in the box, he can play in many positions but his real position is forward. His last team was a semiprofessional team in England named Hungerford Town. He will also be the assistant coach this year for Pars FC.


Jonathan ”Jonny” Da Silva


Jonny is originally from Portugal but grown up in England and last year he played in division 3 in Poland. He has good technique and great split vision and can make great passes, and he is also a player that gives everything in every situation and a player that is hard to get the ball from. We hope that he can be a key player for Pars FC this year.


Christopher “Chrissy” Da Silva


Chrissy is Jonnys little brother, only 20 years old and he followed his brother to Poland and now Sweden to hopefully make a career in football. Chrissy is a wing player that shows good finishing skills but he has also good ball control and that can be useful for the team. He is a team player that works hard and works well in the tactical play that Pars have.


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