Match report, Pars FC vs ÖSK Söder 1-0 (0-0)

Today was a good opportunity to try some new players combined with old players. Unfortunately we had two players who dropped out yesterday but we managed to have 15 players for the game anyway. In the beginning ÖSK was controlling the game and we weren't able to give the right support when we set pressure and the communication wasn't good enough. After a while we could control the game and started to create a few chances but we wasn't able to score. ÖSK had only one opportunity and couldn't either score on that. The first half summery was kind of weak game from both sides with many tired legs and bad positioning. 
The second half we could control the game from the beginning and also create more chance. After just 10 minutes in first half we managed to get a penalty kick in our favor but unfortunately for us the keeper saved it. We kept on creating more chances with better movement and fresh players. 20 minutes in to second half Nihat found Ghaith in the left side of the penalty area and Ghaith could find an unmarked Reza with a splendid pass and Reza didn't make any mistake so we could take the lead. After that we drag down the speed a little bit and ÖSK tried with longer passes to our box that we easily could remove. We had some counter attacks that's was wrongly called off for offside but in the end we locked the game and didn't let the opponents get any serious chances. The few times ÖSK tried to get the ball inside of the box we had Jonny and Andreas who could easily win the ball. 
And the mustaches goes to:
Rayner Michaels - first half as central defender he could control the defensive play very well and was calm with the ball. Some errors in organizing the midfielders but overall good. In second half as central midfielder he gave new life to the offense and was able to create many good chance by being calm with the ball and not loosing it. Despite the penalty miss he was the best player today. 
Bisho Melek - he had a good game today but didn't have good relation with the referee and was called off many times in situations that he won the ball fairly. But he managed to control his emotion and continued  playing physically all game and played his best game until now. 
Sebastian Nyberg - he played as central midfielder for the first time in the past years. Unusual position for him but with great stamina and willpower he managed to win a lot of dead balls and also earn the ball when the opponents attacked. I great player and captain to have in the team. 


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