Match report, FC Assyriska vs Pars FC 0-4 (0-3)

Important game today against one of the teams in our league. We were able to play with a strong team today and with good confidence. We start the game well, the defense had a good performance against Assyriskas technical players and we managed to deny them chances to score. Meanwhile on the other end we created more and more chances.  After 20 minutes Jonny could with a great long pass find his little brother Chrisy who managed in a weird way score the first goal of the game. After that goal we got more confidence and could control the game even more. Second goal came after Chrisy unselfishly passed the ball to Tarek when both players were free with the keeper. Tarek could shortly after that score another goal after a good pass from Sebbe. In the last 15 minutes of the first half it seemed that Assyriska were tired and we also lost or motivation. 
Second half started better from both sides and Assyriska really wanted to get back a goal but was denied from our solid defense, but instead it was Pars who scored another goal also this time by Tarek after a good run and pass from Barre to make the gap even more. Overall the second half was a tactically not good enough were neither team had the stamina or the will to keep up the speed and we mostly saw counter attacks with bad finish from both sides. 
This was the second game in row that we managed to win and hold clean sheet. The form is pointing in right direction and we are getting ready for the league. Hopefully injuries won't hold us back when the league starts. Tomorrow we will also play a game for players who didn't get enough playing time today and also new players. 
And the mustaches goes to:
Jonny da silva - It was a good game for Jonny today, he played strong and determined and could win almost all the situations against his opponents. Many good tackles from him denied the other teams attackers to make a shot at our goal. Jonny is improving and focusing more on his game. When he find a perfect way to communicate with his teammates we will see him getting mustaches a lot of times this season 

Tarek Benca - The young strikes Tarek played his first game for us this pre-season after missing a lot of games because of work and Facebook issues. He showed today that he is a striker with a great finishing touch and could easily score 3 goals today to complete his hattrick. In the defensive play Tarek will need to work more, and when he improves his stamina he will be able to do that. 
Bahram Pazhman - He came in at half time but could under only one half show his skills. He managed the defensive play well and could also be involved in the offense with his good running abilities and confidence with the ball. 


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