Match report, SMÅ IF vs Pars FC 1-7 (0-2)

Today it was time to test many new players and also players who didn't get enough playing time yesterday. With hard wind and not good enough field it was hard for both teams to keep the ball in control but our team had better technic and could after just a few minutes adapt to the field. First goal came after a great shot from one of the new Brazilian players Alan that we tested, he scored from about 20 meters with a great strike. Shortly after that we doubled the lead with another Brazilian new player Filipe who received a good pass from Barre and could easily score. The score stand the whole half and we have a good lead with no threats against our own goal. Only one chance that our goalkeeper easily could manage. 
Second half we started with 3 new players and one of them, Sulle could score after just a few minutes after receiving a long ball from Jonas. A few minutes later another half time sub Daniel could score with a good shot. Brazilian Alan could complete his brace with another great shot and we were ahead with five goals now. The captain today, Veysi could celebrate his good game by scoring the 6th goal before the opponents could use a misunderstanding between our goalkeeper and defender to reduce the gap to five goals once again. But the same defender, Andreas who was involved in the receiving goal could get back and score on a corner kick to set the final score to 7-1. 
And the mustaches goes to:
Veysi Ari - He was the captain today and showed why he have that responsibility. He managed very well in the central midfield to win the duels and was calm with the ball. Impressed a lot today and also managed to score in one of the best games he played for Pars FC. 
Jonas Berglin - once again a good performance as central defender. He could win many duels with his good physic and also very good with the ball when he passes and keeps it. No mistakes in the defense and worked hard. He just needs to speak more with his teammates. 
Nihat Taheri - Did well today. Didn't loose the ball and could find some good and simple passes. Won a lot of tackles today against the opponents big size players. He needs to improve his speed and decision making to get even better. 


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