Match report, Öfvre vs Pars FC 0-4(0-2)

Second game in the league and we were so hungry for this game, the pain after last games defeat haunted us since the game and now it was time to show how good we are! Today's opponents had won their first game and had home field today. But we were completely aware of the standard of their field and also their attack strategies. 

We started the game with a great energy and could easily create 3 good chances to prove that it would be a hard game for Öfvre today. They started to build attacks but we cut of everything and the frustration rised for them. After a few more attacks SJ got the ball in the middle and could find David with delicate pass over the defender and David made no mistakes and could score with his right foot. Couple of minutes later Rayner got the ball in the penalty area but was fouled on so David could score his 2nd goal from the spot. Overall in first half we controlled the game and forced Öfvre to play as we wished. Unfortunately we missed a lot of good opportunities and still made to many long passes. Öfvre had some chances on set pieces but today Kjellander was a wall, nothing would get pass him. 

Second half started with us taking control once again and Öfvre almost going on their reserve energy. We did no mistakes and continued to pressure them and we could win the ball high up in the field and create chances. Öfvres patience was over now and they just started to kick down our players, we used that by putting in fast and technical players and forced them to make more fouls, the yellow cards were given out like candy on a birthday party and the chances kept coming. After 15 minutes in second half Rayner received the ball on the left side up front and could manage to find a unmarked David. We kept pushing and Öfvre players gave more and more fouls until one of their players got sent off and they totally gave up, we didn't focus on that and kept playing our game and we could once again score when Barre had a good run up and could score a goal after getting a great ball from Diego. 

The defense today played great, with Jonny as the Sergeant of the defensive line and Kjellendar behind the defenders like a rock it was a hard game for the opponents, they couldn't even get close before we cut their attacks.   

And the mustaches goes to:
Jonny da silva - keeping it clean and doing as he was told, he won so many headers that they moved their target to the defensive line. Being 100% in every situations and supporting all other defenders showing a great performance. 

Sebastian Jyttner - our big bull on the middle, with his sensitive left foot and a upperbody of a bodybuilder, he could just annoy every player that played against him. Very good control of the ball and strong in every situation. Only way to get the ball from him today was to take a yellow card. 
David Gustafsson - David is one of the leagues best forwards in creating chances by good positioning. He created many good chances from the begging to the end of the game. With three goals today he made his way to a mustache. 


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