Match report, Pars FC vs Öfvre Adolsfberg 6-3(2-1)

The game against Öfvre was the last chance to keep hopes alive for the play off spot. We needed the win badly and were forced to set pressure and take risks. It took us 35 minutes and one received goal to wake up and start playing our game. The rest of the game we played according to the game plan and followed attacking instructions well. Scoring 6 goals and all goals from our attacking players showed that our goal scoring doesn't happen by accidents. Unfortunately the defense still had some problems and we received two more goals, one of them was an own goal and the last one was 100% a miss from the referee but that also happens sometimes. Overall a good win and good attacking play even if we missed a lot of chances. 
Mustaches goes to:
Diego Lopez
Important role in the attack, great touch and dribbling on the left side. Worked well with Nico in the attack and managed to score the equalizer after a good play together with Nico, scored also his second goal in second half. 
Kyle Garcia 
Kyle is improving for every game, he played strong in the defense, winning air duels and physical duels. He plays the ball fast and takes less touches than other players. Players like Kyle helps the team to increase the pace during attack and being able to create chances before the opponents get the time to reorganize. 
Ghaith Al-Hasnawi
Subbed in in second half and did a great job on the left side together with Diego. Ghaith also hade some good runs and movement in the attack. He showed a lot of energy and where able to work both in attack and defense. 


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