Match report, IFK Örebro vs Pars FC 3-0(1-0)

Missing total of 7 start players the team was really weak. Unfortunately during the whole game we weren't able to establish anything worth having. Chances created only from random situation and still we weren't able to score, on the other side we were giving away chances one after one. Not only we couldn't play attack or defense as a team together, we also made so many individual errors until the players lost faith in each other completely. In the end of the game we could see that players didn't even want to give the ball to someone else. Only player with good performance was Ian McDonalds-Wilkins that made good saves and even then our defensive line was so slow to help him so we received goals even after good work from Ian. It was a well deserved loss and maybe a good wake up call for all players that missed trainings during the summer because they had other plans. We will keep going and try to make the best from this situation and hopefully achieve our goal to be top 5 but it's a hard task and everybody needs to give 100% if we want to succeed. 
Mustaches goes to
Ian McDonalds-Wilkins 
Good performance overall, tried to help the defense and made good saves and worked well in the air. 
David Gustafsson 
Only attacking player who could get chances but mostly because his own abilities and not from teamwork. 
Sebastian Jyttner    
Had a hard task in the middle and worked a lot to try to keep it simple and win the duels in the middle. 


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