Match report, Pars FC vs HOIF 1-1(1-0)

In this game we really needed to win if we wanted to stay in the top and because of that we were forced to attack a lot and think about the defense less. We took the lead after a good flick from Eihab to Nico who could give us the lead. Our defense were sloppy both on set pieces and during the play and a lot of energy was wasted trying to recover from mistakes. After many missed good chances we received a bad goal after Harri loosing the ball in the defense and we were forced to accept a draw against a really weak team in this game. 
Mustaches goes to: 
Ian McDonalds-Wilkins 
Ian played well in the goal saving headers and shots at set pieces when our defense weren't able to clear. He did his best to organize the defense that had big problems both without ball and with ball. 
Sebastian Nyberg 
Sebastian cleared two balls of the line in this game and saving us from receiving goals, he was forced to work a lot in the defense but tried also to be a part of the attack. 
Taylor Bowlin 
Good touch and fast decisions to increase the pace on his side. Played it easy and fast, something that has been missing in our play the last few weeks. 


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