Match report, Öfvre vs Pars FC 5-4

Pars started the game quite well with good passes and good movement and also created 2 good chances but the keeper in Öfvre managed to keep the net from moving. First attack that Öfvre had in the game resulted in a goal when the left wing could easily find an unmarked forward in the penalty area, but Pars kept on playing good after the goal. Unfortunately when we was supposed to start a attack our player slipped and Öfvre-player could easily make it 0-2 in a empty net. We continued the good game despite receiving two goals and Chrisy find SJ with a good cross in the penalty area, SJ could with great header find David in the front of the goal and we reduced the gap to only one goal. Shortly after that David received a great ball from Jonas and could manage to get by two defenders before he was dragged down in the penalty area, David himself took the penalty and could equalize the game. All this happened in the first 30 minutes, it was the best performance from us this pre-season until now. Unfortunately Öfvre managed to score just two minutes after that, but our guys didn’t give up, despite an emotional display in the last 10 minutes of the first half we created a few chances and Sebbe could with a great left-foot strike from 20 meters equalize the game once again.


Second half was mostly a game were both teams seemed to be tired and showed a lot of emotions, the tactical play wasn’t something we could observe so much. 20 minutes from time Chrisy could take the ball after Öfvres keeper loosing it and Chrisy didn’t make any mistakes and scored the leading goal for Pars. Öfvre pushed a lot in the last 10 minutes and could equalize the game on a free-kick. We also tried to attack and created a few good chances but were unable to score. Jonny got sent off after his second yellow card but we were allowed to play with 11 players anyway because it was a friendly. In the last minutes of the game Öfvre managed to score the winning goals and get credit for their good play this evening. We could see signs of tired player in both teams and that’s something we really need to work on because it’s not acceptable to loss a 4-3 lead in the last 10 minutes. After the game Öfvre coach also said that the game had too much errors and both teams will need to work a lot harder if they want have a successful season this year.


And the mustaches goes to:

Christopher Da Silva – He was one of the few players in this game that was focused only on his own performance and didn’t nag about other players errors, he showed really good stamina and fighting spirit the whole game. Beside creating goals and scoring in this game he managed to win the ball a lot of times in the defense and create counter-attacks for us.


Jonas Berglin – His first game as CB and he showed a great performance in this game, winning one and one situations, winning duels, keeping it calm in the defensive line, and making good passes. Jonas was focused on his own tasks this game and was able to satisfy the coaches.


Sebastian Nyberg – once again this player showed good performance, making good crosses and runs, being in the right position to score and also showing great self-esteem. A player that gives the whole team a better stamina with his runs and hard work in the defense.


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