Match report, IFK Kumla vs Pars FC 4-0 (0-0)

After Laxå contacted us one day before the friendly against them and told us they couldn’t play we were forced to find a new opponent. Luckily IFK Kumlas opponents couldn’t either play so we played against the strong division 3 opponents IFK Kumla. Before the game we had a long tactical session with the players about our defensive play and how to focus just on our play both in defense and attack. Our guys were a little bit stressed in the first 10 minutes but very quickly the start to believe in themselves and beside good defense we started to create good chances. Jonny had a great header on a free kick from Wik, but the goalkeeper could keep the net from moving with a tremendous save. A few minutes later Harri had a great chance with a header but he missed the target. But the best chance came after a good run on the left wing and Ghaith who received the ball unmarked just 6-7 meters from goal but he aimed badly and hit the post. Without being biased we can say that Pars FC was the better team in first half and Kumla had only one chance in first half. In the break we talked a lot about how we should play in second half and most of the guys were happy with the performance in first half.


Second half didn’t start as we wished it would, Kumla increased their pressure and with good individual skills they were able to create more chances, we got tired by chasing the ball and also lost the structure in the defense. Kumla were lucky when they scored the first goal from distance, but to be fair before the goal they had some good chances that they couldn’t score on. Shortly after that they doubled their lead by a great bicycle kick and just 3 minutes after that the third goal came. Our team was in a chock that moment and couldn’t find a good way to control the game, only thing we were able to do was to send in the substitutes with good energy to stabile the game. In the end after a few good chances from both sides plus two shots on the post from Kumla the final result was 4-0 for IFK Kumla. Overall what we can say is that Pars played their best game today from all the pre-season games and although the defeat is hard to accept after many good chances that we had we can without doubt say that we are going in the right direction.


And the mustaches goes to:

Sebastian Jyttner – very active in the midfield, he made himself available all the time and was able to hold the ball and find good crosses to teammates. In first half together with Wik they dominated the central midfield and could manage the positioning in defense well. Sebastian also had a great shot in second half but the goalkeeper made a great save to deny Sebastian from scoring in this game.
Ghaith Alhasnawi – He showed a really good performance as forward today and was able to hold the ball well and also find good passes to his teammates. Ghaith had Pars best chance in the game but was denied the goal by the post. He showed good energy and strength when handling the ball and was also great in defensive positioning.
Christopher Da Silva – Once again was Chrisy one of the best players in Pars, he shows great attitude and energy and by that attitude also gave energy to his teammates to do the same.  Chrisy won a lot of 50/50 situations and duels in one and one situations. He was able the win the ball from the other teams defenders and give Pars the chance for counter-attacks a few times also.


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