Match report, Delta IF vs Pars FC 3-4


Today we started with 5 new signed players for the game against Delta IF. We have played Delta IF last year and played 3-3 against them so today we wanted to improve the previous result but most of the focus was on how we will play in attack and also the tactical defending play.


We started the game good, the positions in attack were also good, the corners made problem for the opponents and we had some creative passes that opened up the opponents’ defense. After a few half chances that we didn’t score we were able to win the ball on our own field by Franky that founded SJ in the middle who could easily find David with a great pass, and David made no mistakes and Pars could take the lead. 10 minutes after that David had another chance when he got past the defense and also the keeper but was dragged down in the penalty area but unfortunately the referee was too far from the scene. In the second part of the first half the game got more equal and when we had a corner that we couldn’t use Delta got a chance on a counter attack where our defenders weren’t able to get in to position and two attacker where left alone with one of our defenders and they could easily equalize the game. Just a few minutes from break Sebbe got a great run on the right wing and was able to find David with a tremendous pass so David could easily find the back off the net to give Pars the lead once again in the game.


Second half started better for Delta, we made 4 changes so new players could get time to show themselves but it made it hard and a lot of stress came in to the group. Delta started to push and could after 20 min in second half equalize the game when Pars defenders weren’t able to get away the ball in our own penalty area. Delta kept on pushing for the winning goal and was able to score their 3rd goal after passive defending from our side. With Sebbe back in the game we could manage to press Delta more and more and could after a foul on David get a penalty kick that was scored by the foul getter himself. Five minutes from time David was able to complete his good game with a great pass to Sebbe who could with a clinical finish find the back of the net after he managed to conquer Deltas offside trap. We can also add that Pars got two goals unfairly disallowed and also a player in Delta was sent off but we gave them the chance to play with 11 players anyway just because this was a friendly.



And the mustaches goes to:

David Gustafsson – aggressive in the defense and on the right place in offense he managed to score a hattrick and also an assist for the winning goal.

Erik Ekberg – with almost no errors in the defensive play he made a great job and could easily get the ball almost every time from the technical Delta players. And he was also calm with the ball and didn’t lose the ball.


Sebastian Nyberg – with his tremendous speed and determination he is a nightmare for every defender and we could see today what important role he has in the team, and was also in the right position in the end to score the winning goal.


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