Match report, Pars FC vs Laxå IF 3-0(1-0)

Laxå in the bottom of the league was the opponents today, a team that had won their last game same as us and wanted to get another win so they could advance to the qualification spot. We on the other hand needed really to win this game if we wanted to stay in the middle of the table and not fall down close to the qualification spot. 
When the game started Laxå looked hungry maybe even more hungry than us, they got a golden chance when our goalkeeper hit their forward with the ball when he was under pressure and wanted to clear the ball but we were lucky to not receive a goal there. Our pressure didn't work good enough and we didn't defend as a team but after a while we came down a little bit and let them work their way up and defended on our half. The game was equal the first 30 minutes but we started to create a few chances in the end of the first half and Diego could find David with a great pass and David and their goalkeeper got into a 50/50 situations that David won and could score. After the goal we got more self-esteem and attacked more. 
During the break we talked about winning the second balls and working even harder in the defense and the guys did much better in second half and didn't give the opponents any room to attack and we could easily just focus on our own attacks. After many chance for our forward and also on set pieces it took until the 73rd minute when Jonny won the ball on our field and the ball went to David who did a great run towards goal before getting tackled from behind with a disturbed tackle that should have been a straight red card. The penalty was given to us and David smashed it into the net to double the score. We kept on attacking and it felt much better when we had the 2-0 lead and in the end of the game the captain SJ managed to score directly from a corner kick. 
Overall the first half was kind of shaky but we managed to score 1 goal and hold a clean sheet. Second half we were the better team and got another 2 goals and could close this game with a needed victory. Today it was much better communication from Ian and Oki who controlled the defensive line well. 
And the mustaches goes to:
Taylor Bowlin - In first half it was many long balls on his side and he handled it good but didn't have so much support as he should by the midfield. He won most of the balls in the air and also had good energy to participate in attack. In second half it got even better. After a few minutes he made a great run coming up and almost scoring. He kept on coming up on his wing and still managed to get back to defend. 
David Gustafsson - Two important goals today. The first one he won a good duel against their keeper and the second one he did a great run and got tackled down in the penalty area but he scored the penalty he got himself. Had more chance today and hopefully he is getting back to his old shape. David is a great opportunity creator, he is able to creat chances for himself and that's something rare in our team. 
Jonny Da Silva - He started a little bit confused but after a while he started to get into position well. Worked really hard to win the balls in the middle and also had a few good passes in the attack, one great long ball to a unmarked David in the penalty area. Was involved in two of the goals today as well.


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