Match report, IK Sturehov vs Pars FC 0-2(0-1)

It was time to play IK Sturehov for the second time. The game was played a few weeks earlier after our request because we have players leaving town during the summer. The first game against Sturehov ended with a 0-1 loss, but before this game we knew exactly their strengths and we could play smarter to get the points. 

First half started out with two careful teams taking it easy. Sturehovs best chance came after we lost the ball in the defense but Harri could clear the ball with a great tackle. We had a few good combinations on the wings and were using our wing backs well. Diego was in the mood and had few good combinations and good dribbles as well. David hade one great chance after getting the ball from Diego but the keeper was able to save that shot. Diego also had a few good chances but we needed to wait until the 40th minute to score when SJ played a chip ball to Sebbe who could score easily after an one against one situation with the keeper. Overall we played careful but we didn't hesitate to participate with many players in attack. 

In the beginning of the second half we looked a little bit stressed and Sturehov could pressure us but during the pressure they managed to have only one good shot that Ian saved. After 15 minutes in the second half we took over. David had two great shots hitting the post and after a while the frustration got bigger in both teams, Sturehov not being able to creat anything dangerous and we missing our chances. The game became a sliding tackle show instead with lots of yellow cards and also two red cards. In the last minutes of the game David found Diego unmarked 1 meter from goal and Diego could finish his good game with a goal. 

Overall it was a okay game, it was nice to win and we had some good combinations and the defense played well. Our attackers, Ghaith, David and Sebbe did well in first half creating chances and participating in the defensive play. 

And the mustaches goes to:

Harri Abdullah - Harri played really good in his comeback after being on the bench the game before. He played fast and smart when he had the ball and made good decisions in the defense, he also covered up for the other defenders a few times. That's the way we really want him to play so we hope he keeps up the good work. 

Diego Silva - Already in the beginning of the game we could see that it's was his day today. Good take downs, good speed and dribbles, worked well in the combinations and managed to come up well in the attack. Scored also an important goal at the end. 

Taylor Bowlin - Taylor has improved little by little every game, one of the few players without ups and downs. He did well in the combinations on the left side and was almost always available in attack, but we need to use him more. In defense he played well reading the game and being in right position. Plays it simple and fast to increase the pace of the attack. 


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