Match report, Grythyttans IF vs Pars FC 0-3(0-1)

After two victories in a row and two clean sheets we were going to the field against a team with three victories in a row. We didn't have one of our central defenders and we needed to make a few changes in the team to get the formation balanced. 

In the first half we started the game very carefully just to adapt to the new positions and players. We knew that Grythyttan is building a lot around the central forward Chris Vorenkamp so we had specific instructions to control him. The guys did a great defensive job and we managed to control the game after just 15-20 minutes. When we got comfortable we started to create chances, most of them was played well until we reached the box. In the 35 minute Diego advanced in the center of the penalty area and could find David in a good position who could easily score the first goal of the game. During the first half we could have scored at least one more goal but were unable to do that. 

Second half started with a hungry Grythyttan and they pushed for 15 minutes before they realized that it would take a miracle to break through our defense in this game. We took over again and the Pars attacks started to get more and more serious. After some good chances finally Nico managed to get a great shot that founded it's way to the net and now Pars had a much more comfortable lead. 15 minutes from time Oki got an eye injury after a tackle and was not able to continuo the game, Barre took his place in the central back. During the last minutes Diego managed to make a good pass to Sebastian who just screened away the defenders to let the ball go all the way into goal. 

Overall it was mostly about finding our positions and get comfortable with changes we were forced to do for this game, we had patience and managed to play an okay game due the circumstances. 

And the mustaches goes to: 
Chris Da Silva - His first game from start after his hamstring injury and he did a great job. He managed to control the wing player who played against him perfectly. Great in one against one situations in defense. A very good first game for him this season. 
Diego Lopez - Pars little Maradona keeps on performing and also in this game he was involved in all three goals. He did well in attack with his dribbles and good passes. He is moving a lot and makes space for himself to create chances. 
Jonny Da Silva - Jonnys main task in this game was to mark Vorenkamp and it only took him 20 minutes to show Vorenkamp that it will be impossible to get pass him. Overall he did great in the air duels today. 


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