Match report and goals, Pars vs Assyriska 6-0(1-0)

Last game before the summer break and we were aiming for the fourth victory and clean sheet in a row. We were missing Oki because of injury and we were forced to make a few changes also in this game. 
First half started great for us after a free-kick taken by Taylor, David received the ball in the penalty are and could with some help from the defender score the first goal of the game. Assyriska showed us that they won't give up so fast and they started to play better and better for every minute. They had a great chance that Ian saved first and then Chris blocked the rebound near the goal line. They kept on coming at us with all they had but our defense and keeper managed to keep the clean sheet. They game was kind of open and both teams could attack a lot in first half but no more goals were scored. 
Second half started as great as the first one with Daniel finding a great ball to David who could score his and the teams second goal. The third one was a beauty, SJ gave the ball to Diego who made a futsal move before he find the top of the net with a great shot. In the 67th minute David could complete his hattrick with a good shot from distance. Nico came back in when it was only 5 minutes left and could score after getting a great pass from Diego. The last goal was scored by Pars FCs legend Sebbe who got the ball from SJ and could get by the keeper before he scored. 
Overall a great finish of the first half of the season. The guys played well in second half and once again the defense showed a good performance. Ghaith and Chris who were new in the defensive line got synced with Jonny and Taylor well. 
And mustaches goes to:
David Gustafsson - Once again David showed why he is the top goal scorer in this league. He was hungry as usual and today his goals came early and really helped the team to get back into the game. He also was able to create spaces for the other forwards with his movement. 
Jonny Da Silva - The general had once again an important role in today's clean sheet. He organized the defense well together with his little brother and won a lot in the air. 
Diego Lopez - The little Maradona is starting to get use to be one of the best players. He was working his magic and did some really good movements and combinations with the other attackers. Also a great goal he scored today! 


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