Match report, Pars FC vs IFK Örebro 1-1(0-0)

Today's opponents was IFK Örebro, last game against them ended with the biggest defeat in Pars history where we lost 0-8. Today when the game started and we received a goal after just 2 minutes it didn't make the odds better. A sloppy defensive work from our side gave them an opportunity to score an easy goal early in the game. But we took over immediately and they let us. We played a great football with fast passes and movement and opened up their defense. First David score a goal that was called of after a doubtful decision but just few minutes later Sebastian found David who could score the equalizer. The referee didn't want to give the goal although the lineman clearly saw the ball pass the line. But after a few minutes discussion we got the goal fairly. IFK side put pressure on the referee and unfortunately the referee made many decisions in IFKs favor after that goal. We played very well in first half and controlled the game. Diego in the middle showed some good skills with the ball and our defensive line did their job perfectly after the goal. 

In second half we started good but it didn't take long before we dropped more and more, maybe because of some tired legs. IFK took over and could create some chances. Our defensive line played well but the rest of the team didn't perform so well in the defensive play. After 20 minutes in second half a player in IFK took the ball with his hand in the box but the referee didn't call it, just few minutes after that David was dragged down in the box but no call there either. Diego had a good opportunity to score from outside the box but it got wide. After that it was only IFK who tried to get the winner, a few good chances on set pieces that we managed to block and 10 minutes from time a great shot that Ian made a amazing save on to prevent us from a defeat. 

And the mustaches goes to:
Bahram Pazhman - superb stamina, being all over the right wing. Very good in the defensive play by wining both in the air and on the ground but also great in attack. He is giving options by coming up on the right wing. Good work between him and Sebastian. 

Diego Silva - Great ball control and calm with the ball, he could easily find good options and did no mistakes with his passes. Still there is work to do to get him more involved but when he gets the ball we can see that he has good skills. 

Jonny Da Silva - He controls the defense well and managed to organize it well. Sometimes he got the wing backs to close but beside that is was a good game for Jonny. Splendid work in the air also, wining most of the air duels. 

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